420evaluationsonline.com Website Associated With Fraudulent Activity

420evaluationsonline.com Website Associated With Fraudulent Activity


LOCATION/DATE – Due to the recent legalization of medical marijuana use in certain states, scores of potential buyers have turned to the web to find out about which providers can write medical marijuana prescriptions, as well as what the process of attaining such a prescription entails.
Sadly, in the wake of the legalization news, certain individuals are looking to capitalize on the aforementioned law-abiding citizens’ inquiries about sourcing and using medical marijuana, by preying on them through running elaborate online scams.
Such is the case of the website 420evaluationsonline.com, which has been accused of using fraudulent activity, swindling unsuspecting website visitors and making significant charges to their credit cards, without their expressed permission.
N.S., a victim of 420evaluationsonline.com’s tactics, who wishes to remain anonymous, while recounting her unsettling experience of using the website, said “I am suffering from chronic health issues, and I was looking to get a prescription for medical marijuana, from a certified medical provider. While browsing the web, I came across 420evaluationsonline.com, which promised to bring me into contact with a doctor who could write me such prescription. To my great surprise, not only was I immediately charged for the website’s services, but I also received, instantaneously, a medical marijuana prescription in my inbox – without having ever consulted with a doctor before! After a little thought, I decided to contact the doctor whose name was listed in the bottom of the prescription, who assured me he had no association with the company, and that it said company was a scam. I wanted to publicize my ordeal to let people know that 420evaluationsonline.com is not legitimate, and it poses a real, financial risk to those who are unaware of its shady tactics.”
It is expected that more accounts from victims of 420evaluationsonline.com’s activities are to come forward in the near future, while it is urgent that a thorough investigation is conducted into the website’s operations, both on a state and federal level.