What does it mean when your credit card has been compromised?

What does card compromise mean?

Card compromise means that credit/debit card information may have been obtained by unauthorized individual(s). Most compromises involve a criminal gaining unauthorized access to a merchant’s or card processor’s computer system (sometimes referred to as “hacking” into or installing “malware” to capture data on a system).

What kind of information was obtained?

Information encoded on the card pertains strictly to the card, potentially including the card number and expiration date and your Driver licence .

Does this mean someone is using my card?

Not necessarily. This means that your card number could potentially be used by someone. Monitor your account and report any fraudulent activity to your bank immediately.

Follow this steps to protect yourself from MMJ Fraud

You know that they have your driver`s licence and bank card information. Now they can open online accounts and transfer you money worldwide .


  1. Call your bank and block your card.
  2. Let your banker know that you bought a prescription from 420evaluationsonline.com
  3. Provide them with a copy of your recommendation letter.
  4. Mention that you never talked to a doctor. Doctor confirmed that he never worked for this company.
  5. Mention that 420 evaluations online customer service refuses to provide business registration information.
  6. Mention that they use fake address. Building management confirmed that they dont work with this business.

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