Attention!!! Employees!


We are receiving emails from you and we know that you guys do not know that you were hired to work for Work-from-Home Medical Marijuana Scam. You never met any manager in person only phone interviews and signing some paperwork without even checking if this medical marijuana business is legit (you can do so at the medical board website). While working for this mmj scam you were able to notice that cannabis patients are asking questions and you are not sure if given answers by you are true. Are there any doctors working for this medical marijuana card clinic? Why can’t I talk to a Marijuana Doctor via telehealth?

 Be aware, Law Enforcement agencies will start investigating this scam from You: call center, shipping, marketing people, etc ! Stop your engagement, collect as much information about creators of this medical cannabis scam and leave, don`t put your freedom at risk.

 Let`s stop this fake medical marijuana evaluations together!. Email us for more info :