How do we know that MmjDoctorOnline and 420EvaluationsOnline is SCAM ? also known as – Fake Medical Marijuana Clinic with fake Reviews

There are a lot of people are looking for a reliable medical marijuana doctor online.  mention that they connect patients with licensed doctors. Is it true? No. they never connect you with any doctor. They take your payment and mail you a Fake medical marijuana paper with Fake doctor`s signature. We purchased recommendations from both MmjDoctorOnline and 420Evaluationsonline websites. We were never connected to any doctor but we received our recommendation via email right away.  At this point we had fake recommendations from Robert Porte MD, Nayan Shan MD, Milton Miller MD. We tried to talk to this doctors by contacting them via phone numbers listed on recommendation letters provided by this businesses. No luck, customer reps (Anna, Valerie, Julia – all with the accent) refused to connect us to licensed doctors as stated on their websites. Not a problem, we were able to contact them thru the Internet.  All doctors confirmed  – they never worked for or What does it mean? It can cost you your life, do not expect a real Doctor`s advice from this SCAM, contact your local clinic! And  You are buying fake medical marijuana recommendation letter and your personal information is in wrong hands. Medical Board of CA formally confirms its investigation of this case . We strongly recommend to verify all clinics at medical board website( first   and if you made a purchase from this SCAM – dispute this debit card transaction as soon as possible or you can lose your money and your card information can be resold to 3rd parties.