MmjDoctorOnline & 420EvaluationsOnline & MmjTrain By ArtfulBits

MmjDoctorOnline & 420EvaluationsOnline & MmjTrain By ArtfulBits

If you are reading this article, most likely you were scammed by aka or Do not hesitate to share your story because it does matter!  And we can help other people who are in need of professional medical advice not to become a victim of the scam (organized by the International criminal group from Ukraine and Russia.)
Yesterday we received an email from a patient who obtained his medical marijuana card from mmjdoctoronline  more than 8 months ago. Strange things began to happen after he got his card.
Several months ago he went to his local dispensary in Long Beach where he realized that he lost his recommendation letter. Dispensary stuff was able to find a copy of his recommendation. It turned out that this doctor is the one who they work with all the time and located a few blocks away from this dispensary. They said recommendation look different from recommendations  this doctor usually issue to his patients.  They called him directly and spent half an hour discussing something. 30 minutes later they explained that Dr. P. never worked at mmjdoctoronline he never issued this recommendation and never signed it. Dispensary employee tried to talk to MMJDOCTORONLINE to find out how did it happen that they use doctor`s information and signatures illegally? They acted like they are not aware of anything.  When dispensary said that they just spoke to this doctor and he confirmed the fact of FRAUD they said they’ll send this information to a manager and he should call us back. Never called back.
This is not the end of this story. Sometime later somebody paid airplane tickets with his card and at this point, he started to search for details online and found us.

Now scammers introduced a new medical marijuana delivery scam  –

P.S. : It was created by Kiril Brezanski with help of Oleksandr Kucherenko and Igor Voryk ( ). Customer service representatives were notified that they work for SCAM and will be prosecuted too. We are not sharing any customer service representative names at this time because we believe they were scammed too and can share some information with us later.
We have investigated all social accounts and have some interesting findings . The following article will contain a lot of pictures of lavish life of family members of this criminal group.

ArtfulBits are talking about Hacking   here – ArtfulBits Scam

We found this listed at BBB   here ArtfulBits at BBB 

Please report them as Scam Developers.

ArtfulBits contact info

(801) 815-0033

Artfulbits USA, Inc.

8 years in business
PO Box 1641
Sandy, UT 84091
Business Category
  • Computer Software Publishers & Developers






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