ArtfulBits & Brezanskiy vs Recreational Marijuana.

New Marijuana Scam by ArtfulBits & Kirill Brezanskiy.

Recreational pot was legalized in California in 2016, but sales just started.  Patients do not need medical marijuana cards to buy recreational pot anymore.  At this point, ArtfulBits and Kirill Brezanskiy did not want to lose profit from criminal activity and they found a solution how to stay on “mmj train” of success and continue to receive illegal profit. They created a new Medical Marijuana Delivery scam  – . The goal was to sell pot to all people who bought fake doctor`s recommendations from and It supposed to be shipped unanimously via USPS but at the time of this article the site was unavailable so we are unable to track its success.

Scam checkup :  – live, people are buying fake recommendations, still approved without doctor, fake signature –  the same as previous   offline, no links found at or  – we are live, no hacks or interruption, still getting information from mmj businesses and “friends” of Kirill Brezanskiy.

We were informed that there are more fraudulent services created by Kirill Brezanski and ArtFullBits are live now, we are investigating

Happy New Year and do not get SCAMMED!

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