ArtfulBits & Brezanskiy vs Recreational Marijuana.

New Marijuana Scam by ArtfulBits & Kirill Brezanskiy.

Recreational pot was legalized in California in 2016, but sales just started.  Patients do not need medical marijuana cards to buy recreational pot anymore.  At this point, ArtfulBits and Kirill Brezanskiy did not want to lose profit from criminal activity and they found a solution how to stay on “mmj train” of success and continue to receive illegal profit. They created a new Medical Marijuana Delivery scam  – . The goal was to sell pot to all people who bought fake doctor`s recommendations from and It supposed to be shipped unanimously via USPS but at the time of this article the site was unavailable so we are unable to track its success.

Scam checkup :  – live, people are buying fake recommendations, still approved without doctor, fake signature –  the same as previous   offline, no links found at or  – we are live, no hacks or interruption, still getting information from mmj businesses and “friends” of Kirill Brezanskiy.

We were informed that there are more fraudulent services created by Kirill Brezanski and ArtFullBits are live now, we are investigating

Happy New Year and do not get SCAMMED!

New Online Marijuana Delivery Scam – MmjTrain.Com


Any buyer wants to get value for their money especially for cannabis that can be quite expensive. Well, some of the biggest challenges are not in the quality and grade of weed that we buy but the issue of whether the cannabis will ever get into your hands through a marijuana delivery service like

We have heard of cases where people have paid for items only to realize later on that they were conned. The trade on weed can be sophisticated at times and in the hideouts, some marijuana delivery services can take advantage of the situation. Due to the fact that most people are not outright with the buying and selling of cannabis, some drug dealers would take that opportunity to cheat on buyers. For sure, legal marijuana delivery in the cities of America is still a far-fetched dream.

The world of marijuana delivery is very complex and you can easily get lured into using services that don’t deliver. This is especially if you land yourself to illegal weed delivery services like created by Kirill Brezanskiy. Today, you cannot even be sure of those slick-and-trending apps listed on Google play claiming to belong to trusted cannabis delivery services. Getting the root of the matter will save you a lot of your time and money.

If you do your research well, you will keep off scammers in the marijuana industry.

MmjDoctorOnline & 420EvaluationsOnline & ArtfulBits

MmjDoctorOnline & 420EvaluationsOnline & ArtfulBits


MmjDoctorOnline & 420EvaluationsOnline & ArtfulBits

If you are reading this article , most likely you were scammed by aka  Do not hesitate to share your story because it does matter !  And we can help other people who are in need of professional medical advice not to become a victim of the scam (organized by International criminal group from Ukraine and Russia.)
Yesterday we  received an email from a patient who obtained his medical marijuana card from mmjdoctoronline  more than 8 month ago. Strange things began to happen after he got his card.
Several month ago he went to his local dispensary in Long Beach where he realized that he lost his recommendation letter. Dispensary stuff were able to find a copy of his recommendation. It turned out that this doctor is the one who they work with all the time and located a few blocks away from this dispensary. They said recommendation look different from recommendations  this doctor usually issue to his patients.  They called him directly and spent half an hour discussing something. 30 minutes later they explained that Dr. P. never worked at mmjdoctoronline he never issued this recommendation and never signed it. Dispensary employee tried to talk to MMJDOCTORONLINE to find out how did it happen that they use doctor`s information and signatures illegally ? They acted like they are not aware of anything.  When dispensary said that they just spoke to this doctor and he confirmed the fact of FRAUD they said they’ll send this information to a manager and he should call us back. Never called back.
This is not the end of this story. Some time later somebody paid airplane tickets with his card and at this point he started to search for details online and found us.

P.S. : It was created by Kiril Brezanski with help of Oleksandr Kucherenko and Igor Voryk ( ). Customer service representatives were notified that they work for SCAM and will be prosecuted too. We are not sharing any customer service representative names at this time because we believe they were scammed too and can share some information with us later.
We have investigated all social accounts and have some interesting findings . The following article will contain a lot of pictures of lavish life of family members of this criminal group and Kirill Brezanskiy.

420Evaluationsonline aka Scam are owned and operated by the same person.

420Evaluationsonline aka Scam is owned and operated by the same person.

These Scammers are not afraid to show their true faces. As you can see from google app store 420evaluationsonline and mmj are developed by the same team from Lviv, Ukraine. Developer`s address and contact person were disclosed.
   Every day we have some interesting findings and now we have a better picture of all the operations.
 We will see what happens next but the owner of Mmj Doctor Online – Kirill Brezanski should be scared because we are ready to go further.
Here is a link to google app store.

Криминальная история Кирилл Брезанский La-Familia


Криминальная история Кирилла Брезанского La-Familia

This page contains information from open sources like Google, Yandex, Yahoo and

By terms and conditions of mentioned sites, publishing information on public pages, the publisher agreed to share information with 3rd parties like us.

We are not a law enforcement agency and we do not judge anyone here. Our goal is to find FACTS and share it with our readers.

Why are we doing that? We feel wrongdoing, cheating, and scam.

Looks like libel? We are ready to fight in court for our right to deliver the truth! We have some documents which we believe can prove our assumptions in the best way.

На данной странице присутствует информация, которая была получена путем поиска на общедоступных сайтах, таких как Google, Yandex, Yahoo, .

По пользовательским соглашениям этих сайтов, правообладатель дал согласие на свободное копирование и распространение этих фотографий и информации на них.

Мы не являемся сотрудниками правоохранительных органов и не имеем намерения выносить приговор. Наша единственная цель – найти факты и поделиться ими с нашими читателями.

Почему мы это делаем?  Мы чувствуем несправедливость, предательство и обман.

Похоже на клевету? Мы готовы отстоять свои права в суде и даже понести наказание. У нас имеется огромное количество документов,  которые раскроют полную картину наших предположений , высказанных на этом сайте.

Список недвижимого имущества Кирилла Брезанского :

  1. г. Минск ул. Немига 12-30  квартира 48.8 кв.м.
  2. г. Минск ул. Кальварийская, 16-89 55,9 кв.м.
  3. г. Минск ул. Кальварийская, 16-96 134,8 кв.м.
  4. г. Минск ул. Кальварийская, 16-198 161,1 кв.м.
  5. г. Минск ул. Кропоткина, д.72 пом. 73 16,8 кв.м.
  6. г. Минск ул. Кальварийская, 16-305 21,5 кв.м.
  7. г. Минск ул. Кальварийская, 16-412 15,3 кв.м.
  8. г. Минск ул. Кальварийская, 16-411 11,9 кв.м.
  9. г. Минск ул. Кальварийская, 16-416 16,6 кв.м.
  10. г. Минск ул. Кальварийская, 16-413 21,8 кв.м.
  11. г. Минск ул. Кальварийская, 16-217 25,6 кв.м.
  12. г. Минск ул. Кальварийская, 16-293 10,7 кв.м.
  13. г. Минск ул. Кальварийская, 16-201 55,2 кв.м.
  14. г. Минск ул. Кальварийская, 16-292 10,5 кв.м.
  15. г. Минск ул. Кальварийская, 16-271 37,7 кв.м.
  16. г. Минск ул. Кальварийская, 16-193 54,9 кв.м.
  17. г. Минск ул. Кальварийская, 16-97 55,6 кв.м.
  18. г. Минск ул. Кальварийская, 16-286 9,4 кв.м.
  19. г. Минск ул. Кальварийская, 16-287 52,3 кв.м.
  20. г. Минск ул. Бельского д. 26 кв 119 67.1 кв.м.
  21. г. Минск ул. Кальварийская, 16-283 18,7 кв.м.
  22. г. Минск ул. Нумига д.8 кв 81, 16-412 49,7 кв.м.
  23. г. Минск ул. Кропоткина, д.57 кв 34 142.7 кв.м.


Kirill Brezanskiy and ArtfulBits were found connected to a fraudulent medical marijuana clinic. As you can see from our screenshots they made some mistakes and we were able to see personal information. We are not making this info up we are publishing it here, all this info can be found online from original sources.


Брезанский Кирилл – хакер из СССР, создавший схему по незаконному обороту наркотиков в СЩА, изготовлении поддельных медицинских рецептов и массовой незаконной их продаже, кража денег с кредитных карт, сбыт краденного и др. Кира Вахонина – жена – которая носит девичью фамилию для прикрытия незаконных дел мужа! На ее имя зарегистрированы многие аккаунты которые могут быть использованы как доказательства незаконной деятельности Кирилла Брезанского