ArtfulBits & Brezanskiy vs Recreational Marijuana.

New Marijuana Scam by ArtfulBits & Kirill Brezanskiy.

Recreational pot was legalized in California in 2016, but sales just started.  Patients do not need medical marijuana cards to buy recreational pot anymore.  At this point, ArtfulBits and Kirill Brezanskiy did not want to lose profit from criminal activity and they found a solution how to stay on “mmj train” of success and continue to receive illegal profit. They created a new Medical Marijuana Delivery scam  – . The goal was to sell pot to all people who bought fake doctor`s recommendations from and It supposed to be shipped unanimously via USPS but at the time of this article the site was unavailable so we are unable to track its success.

Scam checkup :  – live, people are buying fake recommendations, still approved without doctor, fake signature –  the same as previous   offline, no links found at or  – we are live, no hacks or interruption, still getting information from mmj businesses and “friends” of Kirill Brezanskiy.

We were informed that there are more fraudulent services created by Kirill Brezanski and ArtFullBits are live now, we are investigating

Happy New Year and do not get SCAMMED!

New Scam – & &

Marijuana Scam & by Dr Green Soft and Kroytor Leonard

New Scam – &

Marijuana Scam & by Dr Green Soft and Kroytor Leonard
Marijuana Scam & by Dr Green Soft and Kroytor Leonard

Attention!!! New Fraudulent Evaluation clinics in California by Dr.Green Soft and Kroytor Leonard.

We are asking for help to find out the owner of Dr.GreenSoft in California. Please send us an email with his name, thanks

Are you trying to get a medical marijuana card in California or New York? Be careful, there are some fraudulent online services out there. As we mentioned before and are providing patients with fake mmj cards with fake doctors’ signatures. Today we received information that scammers added two more fake websites and and As you can see from this sites they are both created by .

Here is a link to verify medical marijuana cards online where you can see that service provided by Dr.Green Software which is 100% scam

As you can see from about us page they are not showing any contact/ doctors information, no address. Why California business does not provide patients with contact info?

Here is what they say about them:

We are a one stop online destination for patients seeking to get a medical marijuana recommendation online. Our team of expert doctors believes that individuals should have access to medical marijuana if it can improve their health and quality of life. As such, we follow established health laws to make you chat with a professional doctor who has a wealth of experience about medical cannabis.

Our physicians are compassionate, friendly, and knowledgeable on the applications of cannabis medically. They can conduct proper examination, and in the end, issue you a medical marijuana card which gives you the license to access medical cannabis, if you qualify. We know what we do very well and can help clients with the fact about their body, whether marijuana can be of help or not.

We stand out as one of the best online spots to get your medical cannabis recommendation, a temporary REC of your video conference with a medical expert, and hard copy of it. All conference, sessions and information are entirely legal, secure and confidential. Your health recommendation comes to your email address and cell phones following original recommendation by mail under 24 hours.

When you click to any Get in Touch icons at   you can’t find any social accounts linked to any icon! Again, one more medical marijuana evaluation scam service busted.

Created and advertised by


You can see from some reviews the owner is Kroytor Leonard  , Corpmanagement Inc.

4533 Van Nuys Blvd Ste 302
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403



Lets read some Yelp reviews :

Koraline D.  :

Where to even start, from their false advertising to their rude front receptionists, just do yourself a solid & don’t even waste your time or money. Out of all my experiences with medical recommendation evaluation faculties this is hands down the epitome of the worst customer service you can ever receive. You should make your waiting room 420 friendly so that your customers can light up to ease the unbearable pain & annoyance your staff gives. ITS LIKE PAYING TO DEAL WITH A NON STOP HEADACHE HERE, run as far away as you can.



Nick :

Best Price Evaluations is absolutely horrible! Awful. Warning! Warning!!!!

The front receptionists have  horrible attitudes.  When I confronted them, I finally had to walk out. I called back to ask to speak with the Manager and was told to hold on. SHE hung up on me.

I called four more times at it went to message.

I was so upset with the receptionist/nurses attitudes that I went back in.  I asked to speak with the manager and (the attitudes)  told me that there was not a manager.  I asked to see the doctor and a woman came form the back (NOT the Doctor).  The big woman told me that they would prefer not to do business with me. I have never seen a business treat customers like this.

The people behind the receptionists have even worse attitudes.  This may be the origin of the problem. I can’t believe that they are still in business.

I now understand why they have so many negative reviews on Yelp and other sites.  I highly urge you not to do business with them. There are so many other places that treat you with respect.

I hope that the Doctor of this office reads the reviews. YOUR staff is costing you money!
You pay them and they are driving YOUR customers away.

They are awful people with really really bad attitudes.

I came on Yelp and sure enough. Everyone is complaining about the receptionists and nurses attitudes.  Can everyone on here be wrong and they are right?

DO NOT go there!  They are in a business of helping and have ZERO customer relations.

I went to a place in Tujunga and could not believe the difference.  I have now recommended over 12 people to see the person in Tujunga.

Leonardo just sent me an email trying to do damage control. He says he want to make me happy.

Sir, according you your staff, you don’t exist.  There is no manager at Best Price Evaluation. Maybe you should put some attention to their attitudes and really really bad behavior with multiple customers. This has been an ongoing issue with your facility.
-Your employees are costing you money.
-They are costing you referrals.
-Their bad attitude and behavior makes you do damage control with half of your reviews.
-You pay them to treat many many customers really bad.

I wanted to talk with you and requested to speak with you.

I own a business and know know that every customer counts and they may be anther customer behind that on.

How on earth do you give the authority to your employees to treat customers in this manner?

You sir, may be a great guy with a completely different attitude and behavior.  I am so sorry that I was never able to meet you because your staff DENIED me the chance to solve an issue.

I have now referred over 25 people to your competition because of yore employees attitude and horrible (I mean really horrible) behavior towards customers.

Right now, you have easily lost over 50 patients.

Leonardo keeps on telling me to come in.

YOUR extremely rude staff asked me to leave.  They said that your facility did not have a manager.
How on earth do you let them tell your customers to leave.

Look at your reviews.  YOU have a problem.

I see how your respond to all you have had to deal with your extremely rude staff with a very bad attitude.

They are costing you money.
They are driving your customers away.
They don’t make you feel welcomed.
They are so rude that people come on here to voice their dissatisfaction.

I came on here and read that they argue with patients.  I did not see that but would completely believe it after dealing with their attitudes.

I work in the entertainment field. We have very big lunches. When I share my experiences with seeking an alternative treatment, I get all kinds of questions.

I can’t tell you how many customers your staff has cost you.

The weekend of July 30th, I recommend four more patients to your competition due to your rude staff. Who knows how many customers they have cost you in the past.


Dr.Green Software and Kroytor Leonard running one more scam. Let’s report this activity


Please email us more information on soft and Leonard Kroytor here

New Online Marijuana Delivery Scam – MmjTrain.Com


Any buyer wants to get value for their money especially for cannabis that can be quite expensive. Well, some of the biggest challenges are not in the quality and grade of weed that we buy but the issue of whether the cannabis will ever get into your hands through a marijuana delivery service like

We have heard of cases where people have paid for items only to realize later on that they were conned. The trade on weed can be sophisticated at times and in the hideouts, some marijuana delivery services can take advantage of the situation. Due to the fact that most people are not outright with the buying and selling of cannabis, some drug dealers would take that opportunity to cheat on buyers. For sure, legal marijuana delivery in the cities of America is still a far-fetched dream.

The world of marijuana delivery is very complex and you can easily get lured into using services that don’t deliver. This is especially if you land yourself to illegal weed delivery services like created by Kirill Brezanskiy. Today, you cannot even be sure of those slick-and-trending apps listed on Google play claiming to belong to trusted cannabis delivery services. Getting the root of the matter will save you a lot of your time and money.

If you do your research well, you will keep off scammers in the marijuana industry.

MMJTRAIN.COM – New Marijuana Delivery Scam


Be aware buyers, new medical marijuana delivery service are offering overnight marijuana delivery .   They ship it via UPS !

Do you know what is going to happen to you when  USPS find out what in the package with your address?  It is Federal Government   and you’ll be in jail for a long time even for buying  it.

You should know that all delivery businesses should be licensed by the city and list of licensed deliveries can be found online.

So how do MMJ TRAIN Delivery scam work?

They  collect thousands of patients at their`s mmj evaluations scam (mmjdoctoronline and 420evaluationsonline) and push all patients to to buy weed from them. Of course it is easy, just enter your card info , choose weed and wait. They do not guarantee that you receive it because it can be lost or seized by USPS. Its better to be lost otherwise you’ll be in jail.

How do they ship weed?

Kirill Brezanskiy successfully implemented his shipping potential from his previous scams such as and where he anonymously hired people to ship fake medical marijuana recommendations. Now he established cannabis shipping operations.  From stolen credit cards he buys prepaid shipping labels. Shipping agent form orders, packs them and ship by dropping of at blue USP shipping boxes. This boxes can be found almost everywhere and anyone can ship anything.

How do they accept payments?

Probably the same scheme as at mmjdoctoronline and 420evaluationsonline.  We all know that banks do not accept money for Cannabis so Kirill Brezanski developed his own payment scheme where he created fake companies and when payment accrues bank see as it was for some goods or services not associated with marijuana.   Usually buyer is being informed that payment will occur from  suspicious account.  Feel free to call your bank and cancel your transaction or you might loose your money.

Kirill Brezansky and his new MMJ TRAIN start up again braking all news .

As of today Kirill Brezansky  created a network of fraudulent marijuana businesses   :


And today scam  – busted!